Analysis of optical conductivities of cuprates via doped Hubbard model

  title={Analysis of optical conductivities of cuprates via doped Hubbard model},
  author={Hong Jongbae and Hae Young Kee},
  journal={Physica C-superconductivity and Its Applications},
  • Hong Jongbae, H. Kee
  • Published 1 August 1997
  • Physics
  • Physica C-superconductivity and Its Applications


Optical conductivity of the infinite-dimensional Hubbard model.
It is shown that the optical conductivity displays the anomalies found in the cuprate superconductors, including a Drude width which grows linearly with temperature, a Drudes weight which grows Linearly with doping, and a temperature and doping-dependent mid-IR peak.
Analytic treatment of Mott-Hubbard transition in the half-filled Hubbard model and its thermodynamics.
  • Hong, Kee
  • Physics
    Physical review. B, Condensed matter
  • 1995
The paramagnetic solution shows that the Mott-Hubbard transition is signaled by both collapsing Hubbard bands and appearing $\delta$-function peak at midgap, and the transition is second order at the ground state.
Hubbard model at infinite dimensions: Thermodynamic and transport properties.
The results for the paramagnetic phase display the features expected from an intuitive analysis of the one-particle spectra and substantiate the similarity of the physics of the Hubbard model to those heavy-fermion systems.
Quantitative Description of $V_2O_3$ by the Hubbard Model in Infinite Dimensions
We show that the analytic single-particle density of states and the optical conductivity for the half-filled Hubbard model on the Bethe lattice in infinite dimensions describe quantitatively the
Correlated electrons in high-temperature superconductors
Theoretical ideas and experimental results concerning high-temperature superconductors are reviewed. Special emphasis is given to calculations performed with the help of computers applied to models
Optical conductivity of the two-dimensional Hubbard model.
It is found that to reproduce qualitatively the main experimental features of {sigma}{sub 1}({omega}), the model needs to work with a coupling constant of the order of the bandwidth, i.e., {ital U}/{ital t}{similar to}8--10.
Optical spectra of La2-xSrxCuO4: Effect of carrier doping on the electronic structure of the CuO2 plane.
The resulting spectrum in the high-{ital T}{sub {ital c}} regime is suggestive of a strongly itinerant character of the state in the moderately doped CuO{sub 2} plane while appreciable weight remains in the charge-transfer energy region.
Dynamical mean-field theory of strongly correlated fermion systems and the limit of infinite dimensions
We review the dynamical mean-field theory of strongly correlated electron systems which is based on a mapping of lattice models onto quantum impurity models subject to a self-consistency condition.
Physical properties of the half-filled Hubbard model in infinite dimensions.
A detailed quantitative study of the physical properties of the infinite-dimensional Hubbard model at half filling using an exact mapping onto a single-impurity model supplemented by a self-consistency condition is presented.