Analysis of multiple casualty incidents - a prospective cohort study.

  title={Analysis of multiple casualty incidents - a prospective cohort study.},
  author={Markku J. Kuisma and Tuomas Hiltunen and Teuvo M{\"a}{\"a}tt{\"a} and Jyrki Puolakka and James Boyd and Maria Nousila-Wiik and Tapio Hakala},
  journal={Acta anaesthesiologica Scandinavica},
  volume={49 10},
BACKGROUND Our aim was to report the rate and causes for multiple casualty incidents (MCI) to analyse the prehospital part of responding to MCIs, report mortality and find areas for improvement. METHODS A prospective cohort study conducted in an urban emergency medical service (EMS) between 1.3.1998 and 28.2.2004. RESULTS Fifty-nine MCIs involving 263 patients (167 walking, 96 non-walking) occurred. The incidence of MCIs was 1.8/100,000 inhabitants year(-1). Traffic accidents were the most… CONTINUE READING

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