Analysis of multi-layer safety in countries affected by recent tsunamis: Emergence of a global tsunami culture

  title={Analysis of multi-layer safety in countries affected by recent tsunamis: Emergence of a global tsunami culture},
  author={Miguel {\'A}ngel Ortega Esteban and V. Tsimopoulou and Takahito Mikami and Nam Yi Yun and Anawat Suppasri and Tomoya Shibayama},
Since 2004, there is a growing awareness of the risks that tsunamis pose to coastal communities globally. Despite the fact that these events were already an intrinsic part of the culture of some countries such as Chile and Japan, many other places had virtually not heard about such phenomenon before 2004. Nevertheless, the frequent reoccurrence of major tsunamis in recent years has led to the emergence of a “tsunami culture” in many areas of the world, which has resulted in increased awareness… CONTINUE READING


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