Analysis of intermetallic compounds in lead-free solders

  title={Analysis of intermetallic compounds in lead-free solders},
  author={Alena Pietrikova and Juraj Durisin and Jan Urbancik and Juraj Bansky},
  journal={2009 32nd International Spring Seminar on Electronics Technology},
Intermetallic compounds (IMCs) are essential part of lead-free solders microstructure. In 96.5Sn3Ag0.5Cu (SAC305) solder is dominant element tin (Sn). But despite this Sn dominancy only 3% weight contain of silver (Ag) has influence on final structure of solid solder joint. Fundamental impact on strength properties of solder joint has also interaction between the solder and printed circuit board (PCB) pad. Another important factor is effect of ageing process. Analysis of presence of IMCs in… CONTINUE READING
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