Analysis of interconnections with BCB for high-speed digital applications

  title={Analysis of interconnections with BCB for high-speed digital applications},
  author={Yohtaro Umeda and Kazuo Osafune and Takatomo Enoki and Haruki Yokoyama and Yoshinori Ishii},
  journal={1999 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest (Cat. No.99CH36282)},
  pages={205-208 vol.1}
Transmission-line parameter extraction by S-parameter measurement and interconnection-delay calculation using an analytical delay expression with transmission lines shows that the shorter delay in the interconnections on BCB film than those directly on an InP substrate is due to both smaller capacitance and resistance. A fabricated SCFL inverter with the interconnections on BCB film and 0.1 /spl mu/m gate InP-based HEMTs show an ultrashort gate delay of 4.6 ps/gate. The analysis predicts that a… CONTINUE READING


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49 - GHz Operation of an SCFL Static Frequency Divider Using High - speed Interconnections and InPBased HEMTs ”

  • T. Enoki, H. Yokoyama
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