Analysis of eroded bovine teeth through laser speckle imaging

  title={Analysis of eroded bovine teeth through laser speckle imaging},
  author={N. H. Koshoji and S. Bussadori and C. Bortoletto and M. T. Oliveira and R. Prates and A. Deana},
  booktitle={Photonics West - Biomedical Optics},
Dental erosion is a non-carious lesion that causes progressive tooth wear of structure through chemical processes that do not involve bacterial action. Its origin is related to eating habits or systemic diseases involving tooth contact with substances that pose a very low pH. This work demonstrates a new methodology to quantify the erosion by coherent light scattering of tooth surface. This technique shows a correlation between acid etch duration and laser speckle contrast map (LASCA). The… Expand
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