[Analysis of complications of augmentation mammaplasty in 12 patients].


OBJECTIVE To reduce complications and to improve the long-term results of augmentation mammaplasty. METHOD Twelve patients who had complications during a period of 1 to 13 years after augmentation mammaplasty were studied. The fibrous capsule of the breast implant was examined pathologically. RESULTS 12 patients (15 breasts) were included in the study. Of the nine patients with unilateral augmentation mammaplasty, four had 1 complication; four had 2 complications and one had 3 complications. Of the three patients with bilateral augmentation mammaplasty, two had the same complication, one had 3 complications. Every complication has its pathologic and clinical characteristics. CONCLUSION Many measures are important for reducing complications including strict surgical manipulation, proper selection of good implants, preferred submuscular insertion, whole capsulectomy for prosthesis rupture or leak and through hemostasis, proper bandage, massage and follow-up et al.

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