Analysis of characteristic temperatures in high-T{sub c} systems

  title={Analysis of characteristic temperatures in high-T\{sub c\} systems},
  author={Joerg Schmalian and Soren Grabowski and K. H. Bennemann},
Using a self-consistent diagrammatic theory of the one-band Hubbard model, we find that three characteristic temperatures T{sup {asterisk}}, T{sub c}{sup {asterisk}}, and T{sub c} may characterize the behavior of high-T{sub c} superconductors. The temperature T{sup {asterisk}} defines the onset of a pseudogap in the density of states and of anomalous normal-state behavior. At T{sub c}{sup {asterisk}} local mean-field-like Cooper-pair formation begins with T{sub c}{sup {asterisk}}{lt}T{sup… CONTINUE READING