Analysis of body composition changes of swine during growth and development.

  title={Analysis of body composition changes of swine during growth and development.},
  author={Jeffrey R Wagner and Allan P. Schinckel and Wen-shan Chen and John C. Forrest and Benjamin L. Coe},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={77 6},
This study was conducted to model the growth of carcass, viscera, and empty body components and component composition of pigs. Quantitative tissue and chemical composition of 319 swine, representative of barrows and gilts from five commercial genetic populations, was determined at eight stages of growth between 25 and 152 kg. After whole body grinding and carcass dissection, proximate analyses were performed to calculate concentrations of protein, lipid, moisture, and ash of carcass, viscera… CONTINUE READING
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