Analysis of antifungal and anticancer effects of the extract from Pelargonium zonale.


The extract from Pelargonium zonale stalks exhibits activity against Candida albicans and exerts an effect on the HeLa cell line. The action against C. albicans cells was analysed using light, CLSM, SEM, and TEM microscopes. The observations indicate that the extract influenced fungal cell morphology and cell metabolic activity. The morphological changes include cell wall damage, deformations of cell surfaces, and abnormalities in fungal cell shape and size. Cells of C. albicans treated with the extract exhibited disturbances in the budding pattern and a tendency to form agglomerates and multicellular chains. The P. zonale extract caused a significant decrease in the metabolic activity of C. albicans cells. Cells died via both apoptosis and necrosis. The antitumor activity of the extract was analysed using the MTT assay. The P. zonale extract exhibited minor cytotoxicity against the HeLa cell line but a dose-dependent cytopathic effect was noticed. The P. zonale extract is a promising source for the isolation of antifungal and anticancer compounds.

DOI: 10.1016/j.micron.2014.06.001

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