Analysis of acoustic noise in MRI.

  title={Analysis of acoustic noise in MRI.},
  author={Zang-Hee Cho and Sang Ho Park and Jae Hyoung Kim and S C Chung and Stephanie T. Chung and Jae Young Chung and Chang Won Moon and Jeong Han Yi and C H Sin and Edward K. Wong},
  journal={Magnetic resonance imaging},
  volume={15 7},
Acoustic or sound noise due to gradient pulsing has been one of the problems in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), both in patient scanning as well as in many areas of psychiatric and neuroscience research such as functional MRI. Our recent observations in functional MRI for the visual and motor cortex show very different results with sound noise in comparison with the results obtained without sound noise. Although a number of ideas have been suggested in the literature about the possible… CONTINUE READING
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