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Analysis of a Planning Tool for the Calculation of Working Time Requirement in Agriculture

  title={Analysis of a Planning Tool for the Calculation of Working Time Requirement in Agriculture},
  author={R. Stark and S Wayne Stiefel and K. Heitkaemper},
  journal={Chemical engineering transactions},
Work economics calculation data form the basis for comprehensive work planning on the farm and for calculating labour costs and work productivity, as well as for estimating workload. A work budget (WB) is a planning tool for creating a time budget for the work to be done. The working-time requirement for labour and production processes is calculated with the help of the work budget. Work budgets need to be constantly refined and adapted to modern technologies. The inclusion of dynamic models… 

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Workload Assessment in Agriculture – Integration in a Work Budget System

The use of a contemporary model-based work budget allows the comparison of work and production processes up to total-farm level under otherwise equal conditions and represents an internationally applicable tool both for the improvement of work organisation and time planning, as well as for the measurement of workload.

Working-time Requirement in Agriculture - Recording Method, Model Calculation and Work Budget

The article describes the management of working-time in contemporary agricultural practice. This includes calculation of a work budget by establishing the working-time requirement for the single work

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    Book of Full Papers of International Scientific XXXVI CIOSTA & CIGR SECTION V Conference,
  • 2015