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Analysis of VIX-linked fee incentives in variable annuities via continuous-time Markov chain approximation

  title={Analysis of VIX-linked fee incentives in variable annuities via continuous-time Markov chain approximation},
  author={Zhenyu Cui and Anne Mackay and Marie Vachon},
. We consider the pricing of variable annuities (VAs) with general fee structures under popular stochastic volatility models such as Heston, Hull-White, Scott, α -Hypergeometric, 3 / 2 , and 4 / 2 models. In particular, we analyze the impact of different VIX-linked fee structures on the optimal surrender strategy of a VA contract with guaranteed minimum maturity benefit (GMMB). Under the assumption that the VA contract can be surrendered before maturity, the pricing of a VA contract corresponds… 



Variable Annuities with VIX-Linked Fee Structure under a Heston-Type Stochastic Volatility Model

The Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) advocates linking variable annuity (VA) fees to its trademark VIX index in a recent white paper. It claims that the VIX-linked fee structure has several

Variable annuities with a threshold fee: valuation, numerical implementation and comparative static analysis

The first aim of the paper is to test the use of least squares Monte Carlo methods (LSMC) for the numerical implementation of the valuation model, and to analyse numerically the interaction between the various contract components, in particular fee rates/thresholds and surrender penalties, under alternative policyholder behaviours.

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The original Black-Scholes (BS) model introduced financial economists to continuous-time mathematics. But evidence quickly accumulated that the BS constant volatility lognormal diffusion is not

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Variable annuities (VAs) are investment products similar to mutual funds, but they also protect policyholders against poor market performance and other risks. They have become very popular in the

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This work proposes the use of a finite state Continuous Time Markov Chain (CTMC) model which closely approximates the classic Heston model, but enables a simplified approach for consistently pricing a wide variety of financial derivatives.


Abstract For variable annuity policies, management fees for the most basic guarantees are charged at a constant rate throughout the term of the policy. This creates a misalignment of risk and income

Variable Annuities with fees tied to VIX

A typical variable annuity (VA) consists of two phases. First, the policyholder makes regular payments into a fund managed by the insurer (accumulation phase). Then, she receives income from the