Analysis of Tone Reservation Method for WiMAX System


For WiMAX system, the tone reservation method provide a better solution to reduce peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR). Several in-band null subcarriers are allocated with designed complex value for tone reservation by balancing the peak amplitude of baseband complex signals and other discrete symbols. In this paper, analysis of PAPR reduction gain is given to prove that PAPR of WiMAX system can be significantly reduced through the tone reservation method. Furthermore, the worst-case scenario is analyzed for tone reservation and the searching method for lowest bound for PARP reduction is extended. Simulation results also demonstrate that the different gap between the peak and the second peak amplitude affects the efficiency of tone reservation. And our proposed calculation method provides a effective way to decide whether the transmitter should use tone reservation. Under the IEEE 802.16-2004 wireless OFDM physical layer model, in the worst-case, the highest PAPR reduction gain can approach 6.02 dB and the average PAPR reduction to 1.47 dB by tone reservation method

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