Analysis of T-cell repertoire in hepatitis-associated aplastic anemia.

  title={Analysis of T-cell repertoire in hepatitis-associated aplastic anemia.},
  author={Jun Lu and Atanu Basu and Jan Joseph Melenhorst and Neal S. Young and Kevin E. Brown},
  volume={103 12},
Hepatitis-associated aplastic anemia (HAA) is a syndrome of bone marrow failure following an acute attack of seronegative hepatitis. Clinical features and liver histology suggest a central role for an immune-mediated mechanism. To characterize the immune response, we investigated the T-cell repertoire (T-cell receptor [TCR] V(beta) chain subfamily) of intrahepatic lymphocytes in HAA patients by TCR spectratyping. In 6 of 7 HAA liver samples, a broad skewing pattern in the 21 V(beta) subfamilies… CONTINUE READING