Analysis of Social Networks Using the Techniques of Web Mining

  • E . Raju K . Sravanthi
  • Published 2012


Web 2.0 technologies have brought new ways of connecting people in social networks for collaboration in various on-line communities. Social network analysis deals with the interactions between individuals by considering them as nodes of a network (graph) whereas their relations are mapped as network edges. Study of such structures lies on the intersection of different areas of research: sociology, graph theory and data mining. This paper studies issues around analysis of social networks using web mining techniques. Techniques and concepts of web mining and social networks analysis will be introduced and reviewed along with a discussion about how to use web mining techniques for social networks analysis. This paper also sets out a process for social network analysis using web mining. Comparison of social networks with other networks is also studied. Discussions of the challenges and future research are also included. Keywords— Web Mining, Social Networking, Social Network Analysis, Association Rule

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