Analysis of QRS-wave Using Wavelet Transform of Electrocardiogram

  title={Analysis of QRS-wave Using Wavelet Transform of Electrocardiogram},
  author={Chang-Hyun Choi and Yong-Joo Kim and Tae Hyeong Kim and Yong-Hee Ahn and Dong-Ryeol Shin},
The electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement system consists of I/O interface to input the ECG signals from two electrodes, FPGA (Field programmable gate arrays) module to process the signal conditioning, and real time module to control the system. The algorithms based on wavelet transform were developed to remove the noise of the ECG signals and to determine the QRS-waves. Triangular wave tests were conducted to determine the optimal factors of the wavelet filter by analyzing the SNRs (signal to… CONTINUE READING