Analysis of Pediatric Dog Bite Injuries at a Level 1 Trauma Center Over 10 Years.

  title={Analysis of Pediatric Dog Bite Injuries at a Level 1 Trauma Center Over 10 Years.},
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BACKGROUND Dog bite injuries cause significant preventable patient morbidity and health care expenditure in children. This study aimed to characterize the patient and healthcare burden related to pediatric dog bite injuries at a level 1 trauma center. METHODS This is a retrospective review of 356 pediatric patients who presented to Virginia Commonwealth University Pediatric Emergency Department between July 2007 and August 2017 after sustaining dog bite injuries. Demographic information… 
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Evaluation of data from high-volume tertiary pediatric health care institutions identifies predictable patterns of injury with respect to patient age and gender, animal breed, provocation, and seasonality.
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This study is the 1st to perform a socioeconomic analysis in the adult dog-bite population and encourages the use of a surgical specialist in the setting of a head and neck bite.
Issues Associated With Dog Bite Injuries in Children and Adolescents Assessed at the Emergency Department
In mammalian attacks, canines are most commonly involved, most injuries are trivial, and the limbs are usually involved, however, younger children are at higher risk of facial injuries.