Analysis of Object Picking Algorithms Using Bounding Box in Non Immersive Virtual World

  • K . Merriliance
  • Published 2012


171 Abstract— Most computer applications depend heavily on user input. Within many games and virtual environments, for example, user input is essential to create and/or direct actions within a virtual environment. Much of this input comes through direct interaction with the virtual world’s content, usually using a mouse. Most applications provide low level programs for 3D object selection, which makes the process of building interactive virtual applications a challenge for programmers. This paper describes a high level 3D object picking using bounding box method from non immersive virtual world which greatly simplifies that process. This paper presents a method for picking up an indicated object in a Non Immersive Virtual environment. First the user should indicate a target object and provides the system with a task instruction on how to get it. An important and advantageous feature of this scheme is to perform the object picking task through simple clicking operations, and the user can execute the task without exact models of the target object and the environment being available in advance. A user study of these was performed which revealed their characteristics and deficiencies of objects in the non immersive virtual world. Object picking is a interaction technique which must be supported by any interactive three-dimensional virtual reality application. We presented a limited understanding on how these important factors will affect picking performance hence to realize these operations it is necessary to use interaction techniques that would allow us to accomplish given type of interaction better and faster.

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