Analysis of Indian Election using Twitter

  • Gayatri P. Wani, Nilesh V. Alone, +9 authors ArnimBleier
  • Published 2015


Modern civilization's one of the key player is social media. Social media is changing existing information behaviour by giving users access to real-time online Information channels without the constraints of time and space. This generates a huge unstructured data for data mining. This gives scientist an enormous scope for data analysis challenge. In this project system is going to study the general user tweets from the election point of view. Here the System will study the user view of Indian election. Based on the users tweets system analyses if there exist a pattern between the tweets and to analyse and draw meaningful inferences from the collection of these tweets collected over certain period; the proposed system identify the feasibility of development of a classification model to identify the political orientation of the twitter users based on the tweet content and other user based features. There are voting advice applications (VAAs) are online tools which are popularly used in deciding which party/candidate to vote for during an election in countries like Greece, Cyprus but still there in India there is no such application which focus on this . The proposed system plans to provide an online portal for recommendations and comparison of user's political opinions.

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