Analysis of Immune Responses in Mice Orally Immunized with Recombinant pMG36e-SP-TSOL18/Lactococcus lactis and pMG36e-TSOL18/Lactococcus lactis Vaccines of Taenia solium

  title={Analysis of Immune Responses in Mice Orally Immunized with Recombinant pMG36e-SP-TSOL18/Lactococcus lactis and pMG36e-TSOL18/Lactococcus lactis Vaccines of Taenia solium},
  author={Bi-ying Zhou and Junjian Sun and Xiang Li and Yue Zhang and Bo Luo and Nan Jiang and Mei Chen Liu},
  journal={Journal of Immunology Research},
Cysticercosis is a cosmopolitan zoonotic parasitic disease infected by larval of Taenia solium (T. solium). Several drugs for the treatment of cysticercosis, such as praziquantel, albendazole, and mebendazole, have certain toxicity and side effects. Considering that there is no vaccine available, we studied a new vaccine for cysticercosis in this study. The complete TSOL18 gene and the optimized SP-TSOL18 gene fragments were obtained using PCR-based accurate synthesis method. The secretory and… Expand
Recombinant lactococcus lactis secreting viral protein 1 of enterovirus 71 and its immunogenicity in mice
Recombinant L. lactis expressing VP1 of EV71 has the potential to be used as an oral vaccine candidate and may provide some preliminary evidences for further development of effective and needle-free EV71 vaccines. Expand
Plasmid Replicons for the Production of Pharmaceutical-Grade pDNA, Proteins and Antigens by Lactococcus lactis Cell Factories
This review critically systematize the plasmid replicons available for the production of pharmaceutical-grade pDNA and recombinant proteins by L. lactis, as a starting platform to choose or engineer the best vector for each application. Expand


Mucosal Delivery of Murine Interleukin-2 (IL-2) and IL-6 by Recombinant Strains of Lactococcus lactis Coexpressing Antigen and Cytokine
The results provide the first example of the use of a cytokine-secreting, noninvasive experimental bacterial vaccine vector to enhance immune responses to a coexpressed heterologous antigen and point the way to experiments which will test the possible therapeutic efficacy of this mode of cytokine delivery. Expand
Immune responses to a recombinant attenuated Salmonella typhimurium strain expressing a Taenia solium oncosphere antigen TSOL18.
The possibility of use of an attenuated S. typhimurium strain as a vector to deliver protective antigens of T. solium is demonstrated, and the mouse experiment indicated that vaccine strain χ4558 induced a high titer of specific antibody for a long time. Expand
Protective effect of a mixed recombinant Bifidobacterium vaccine of Taenia solium in piglets
It is concluded that the mixed rBb vaccine of Taenia solium might give piglets a certain protection, and th1 type immune response plays an important role in the protection. Expand
Development of a new DNA vaccine based on mycobacterial ESAT-6 antigen delivered by recombinant invasive Lactococcus lactis FnBPA+
This is the first time that L. lactis has been used to deliver a plasmid DNA harboring a gene that encodes an antigen against tuberculosis through mucous membranes. Expand
Oral immunization with Lactococcus lactis secreting attenuated recombinant staphylococcal enterotoxin B induces a protective immune response in a murine model
Findings show the vaccine efficacy of L. lactis carrying an attenuated SEB, in a murine model, following lethal S. aureus challenge is shown, with no significant difference if rSEB was produced in its cytoplasmic or secreted form. Expand
Intranasal Immunization with Recombinant Lactococcus lactis Secreting Murine Interleukin-12 Enhances Antigen-Specific Th1 Cytokine Production
It is shown that IL-12 is produced and secreted in an active form by L. lactis and that the strategy which is described can be used to enhance an antigen-specific immune response and to stimulate local mucosal immunity. Expand
Lactococcus lactis Anchoring Avian Infectious Bronchitis Virus Multi-Epitope Peptide EpiC Induced Specific Immune Responses in Chickens
Results indicate that needle-free recombinant lactococci anchoring the IBV antigen makes a promising vaccine candidate against the spread of IB. Expand
Effective Production and Purification of the Glycosylated TSOL18 Antigen, Which Is Protective against Pig Cysticercosis
Vaccination trials showed that the recombinant TSOL18 antigen induced 94 and 100% reductions in metacestode burdens in vaccinated pigs, obviously higher than the 89% reduction in pigs immunized with cysticercus crude extracts in trial 1. Expand
Optimized codon usage enhances the expression and immunogenicity of DNA vaccine encoding Taenia solium oncosphere TSOL18 gene.
The results of the present study showed that the codon-optimized TSOL18 gene was successfully expressed in CHO-K1 cells, and immunized mice vaccinated with opt-TSOL18 recombinant expression plasmids demonstrated opt‑TSOL 18 expression in muscle fibers, as determined by immunohistochemistry. Expand
Dynamic observation of immune responses induced in mice by immunization with a recombinant BCG-TSOL18 vaccine of Taenia solium
The level of specific IgG in r BCG-TSOL18 intraperitoneal injection group and rBCG- TSOL18 intragastric administration group increased from 2 to 8 weeks, and reached the highest level by the 6th week, and there were statistically significant differences (all P < 0.05). Expand