Analysis of IDH1 and IDH2 mutations in Japanese glioma patients.

  title={Analysis of IDH1 and IDH2 mutations in Japanese glioma patients.},
  author={Yukihiko Sonoda and T Kumabe and Taigen Nakamura and Ryuta Saito and Masayuki Kanamori and Yoji Yamashita and Hiroyoshi Suzuki and Teiji Tominaga},
  journal={Cancer science},
  volume={100 10},
A recent study reported on mutations in the active site of the isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 (IDH1) gene in several types of gliomas. All mutations detected resulted in an amino acid exchange at position 132. We analyzed the genomic region spanning wild-type R132 of IDH1 by direct sequencing in 125 glial tumors. A total of 39 IDH1 mutations were observed. Mutations of the IDH2 gene, homologous to IDH1, were often detected in gliomas without IDH1 mutations. In the present study, R172 mutation of… CONTINUE READING


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