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Analysis of Herding on the Internet - An Empirical Investigation of Online Software Download

  title={Analysis of Herding on the Internet - An Empirical Investigation of Online Software Download},
  author={Wenjing Duan and Bin Gu and Andrew Whinston},
Online shopping often requires consumers to choose among multiple products without detailed information about the quality. Herding is common in situations where consumers infer product quality from other consumers’ choices and incorporate that information into their own decision-making process. The Internet affects the herding phenomenon in two ways. On the one hand, it provides more information about other consumers’ choices, therefore making herding more feasible. On the other hand, it… Expand
Threshold of Herd Effect for Online Events in China
Based on the data collected from SinaWeibo, the largest microblog in China, the fluctuation scaling method is used to analyze the influence process online and the particular threshold for online events is found, political events, social events and non-public events. Expand
User Behavior in Crowdfunding Platforms -- Exploratory Evidence from Switzerland
The results show that the first days of a campaign are crucial and it is shown how project initiators can adapt to backer behavior to increase their funding chances. Expand
Crowdfunding Success: A Perspective from Social Media and E-Commerce
This work uses a dataset of 740 projects published on one of the dominant crowdfunding platforms in Switzerland to test communication-related determinants of fundraising success in terms of number of donations, average amount of donations and total campaign success. Expand
Exacerbating Mindless Compliance: The Danger of Justifications during Privacy Decision Making in the Context of Facebook Applications
Online companies exploit mindless compliance during users’ privacy decision making to avoid liability while not impairing users’ willingness to use their services. These manipulations can playExpand
Interdisciplinary study on popularity prediction of social classified hot online events in China
It is found that people’s online behavior regarding event types varies in terms of follow-up statistics and the predictability of events, and an algorithm embedded with a clustering growth pattern of events predicts the popularity of online political events above others. Expand
Number versus structure: towards citing cascades
This paper found that cascade size, edge count, in-degree, and out-degree all follow typical power law distributions with various exponential parameters (α), and cascade depth is observed to follow an exponential distribution. Expand
Number versus Structure 2 Number versus Structure : Towards Citing Cascades
This paper proposes a novel concept of the citing cascade, defined as a network comprising citing relationships between a paper and its citing paper, as well as those among its citing papers.Expand
Das Verhalten von Nutzern in Crowdfunding-Kampagnen - Herding und Social Proof (User Behaviour in Crowdfunding Campaigns - Herding and Social Proof)
German Abstract: In den letzten Jahren hat sich mit Crowdfunding im Online-Bereich eine neue Form der Finanzierung durchgesetzt und zahlreiche Crowdfunding-Plattformen haben sich am Markt etabliert.Expand


Information Cascades in the Adoption of New Technology
The present research provides an operational model to assess information cascade theory and empirically tests the model in the context of the adoption of electronic commerce technologies, suggesting that information cascades play a large role in the adopted technologies. Expand
We have recently observed herd behavior in many instances of information technology (IT) adoption. This study examines the basis for IT adoption herding generated by corporate decisionmakers’Expand
Herd Behavior and Investment
This paper examines some of the forces that can lead to herd behavior in investment. Under certain circumstances, managers simply mimic the investment decisions of other managers, ignoringExpand
Strategy Fads and Competitive Convergence: An Empirical Test for Herd Behavior in Prime-Time Television Programming
The economics literature contains many theoretical analyses of imitation and differentiation strategies but relatively few empirical studies of these topics. This paper aims to address thatExpand
A Simple Model of Herd Behavior
We analyze a sequential decision model in which each decision maker looks at the decisions made by previous decision makers in taking her own decision. This is rational for her because these otherExpand
Herd Behavior in Financial Markets
This paper provides an overview of the recent theoretical and empirical research on herd behavior in financial markets. It looks at what precisely is meant by herding, the causes of herd behavior,Expand
Mutual Fund Herding and the Impact on Stock Prices
We analyze the trading activity of the mutual fund industry between 1975 and 1994 to determine whether funds "herd" when they trade stocks and to investigate the impact of herding on stock prices.Expand
A Theory of Fads, Fashion, Custom, and Cultural Change as Informational Cascades
An informational cascade occurs when it is optimal for an individual, having observed the actions of those ahead of him, to follow the behavior of the preceding individual without regard to his ownExpand
Pathological Outcomes of Observational Learning
This paper systematically analyzes and enriches the observational learning paradigm of Banerjee (1992) and Bikhchandani, Hirshleifer, and Welch (1992).
Analysis of Herding on the Internet Proceedings of the Eleventh Americas Conference on Information Systems
  • Analysis of Herding on the Internet Proceedings of the Eleventh Americas Conference on Information Systems
  • 2005