Analysis of Hemogram of Radiation Workers in Tangshan, China.


OBJECTIVES This study aimed to investigate changes in peripheral blood cells of radiation workers and explore the impact of long-term ionizing radiation (IR) on human peripheral hemogram. METHODS With a cohort method, we selected 1,392 radiation workers (case group) and 1,430 non-health-ray-exposure history persons (control group) to detect and analyze… (More)
DOI: 10.1002/jcla.21922


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@article{Qian2016AnalysisOH, title={Analysis of Hemogram of Radiation Workers in Tangshan, China.}, author={Qing-Zeng Qian and Xiang-Ke Cao and Hai-yan Liu and Fu-hai Shen and Qian Wang and Jun-Wang Tong and Qing-Qiang Qian}, journal={Journal of clinical laboratory analysis}, year={2016}, volume={30 5}, pages={682-8} }