Analysis of HLA-E expression in human tumors

  title={Analysis of HLA-E expression in human tumors},
  author={Rosario Mar{\'i}n and Francisco Javier Montes Ruiz-Cabello and Susana Pedrinaci and Rosa Mar{\'i}a M{\'e}ndez and Pilar Jim{\'e}nez and Daniel E. Geraghty and Federico Garrido},
Downregulation of MHC class Ia molecule expression is a widespread mechanism used by tumor cells to escape antitumor T-cell-mediated immune responses. However, it is not known why NK cells cannot lyse these MHC class-Ia-deficient tumor targets. Tumors must select additional routes of escape from NK cells. An attractive hypothesis is that the aberrant expression of nonclassical HLA class Ia molecules in tumors provides the required inhibitory signal to NK cells, rendering tumor cells resistant… CONTINUE READING


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