Analysis of HLA-DR matching in DNA-typed cadaver kidney transplants.

  title={Analysis of HLA-DR matching in DNA-typed cadaver kidney transplants.},
  author={Gerhard Opelz and Joannis Mytilineos and Sabine Scherer and Heather Dunckley and Jean Trejaut and Jeremy Chapman and Gottfried Fischer and Ingrid Fa{\'e} and Derek Middleton and D F Savage},
  volume={55 4},
The effect of matching for HLA-DR antigens was analyzed retrospectively in 3455 cadaver kidney transplants that were typed by the DNA-RFLP method. HLA-DR matching improved the one-year graft survival rate significantly (P < 0.01). Importantly, in 718 first transplants in which the number of mismatches assigned by serological typing was different from that assigned by DNA typing, only the DNA results showed a significant impact of matching on graft outcome (P = 0.03). These results demonstrate… CONTINUE READING