Analysis of G-shape antennas mounted on a CUBESAT

  title={Analysis of G-shape antennas mounted on a CUBESAT},
  author={H. J. Yousuf and M. M. Haider and M. K. Siddique and Muhammad Abid Amin},
  journal={2008 2nd International Conference on Advances in Space Technologies},
In this paper, the simulation of three monopole with G type structure is proposed consisting of one closed rectangular wire loop and one open rectangular wire loop with maximum horizontal and vertical dimensions approximately of L1 = L2 = L3 =.25lambda, h=202lambda, w = .1834lambda, l =.3487lambda and having wire radius of 2 mm. Each of the structure is analyzed on perfect ground and on CUBESAT and their various performance parameters such as gain, bandwidth and input impedance is determined… CONTINUE READING
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