Analysis of Fourier ptychographic microscopy with half of the captured images

  title={Analysis of Fourier ptychographic microscopy with half of the captured images},
  author={Ao Zhou and Ni Chen and Haichao Wang and Guohai Situ},
  journal={Journal of Optics},
Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM) is a new computational imaging technique that can provide gigapixel images with both a high-resolution and a wide field of view. However, the data-acquisition process is time-consuming, which is a critical issue. In this study, we analyze the FPM imaging system with the half number of captured images; i.e. if the size of the light-emitting diode (LED) array is 15 × 15, we use 15 × 8 LEDs to capture images. According to the image analysis of the… 

Image Reconstruction & Calibration Strategies for Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy – A Brief Review.

The fundamental concept of Ptychographic Fourier microscopy is presented along with the state-of-the-art approaches and the analysis related to auto-calibration of LEDs.

Adaptive and efficient Fourier ptychographic microscopy based on information entropy

A new adaptive FP algorithm is proposed to significantly reduce the volume of data acquired using the information entropy of the image as a judgment function, and a special separation strategy as a judgement method to estimate the information distribution of a high-resolution sample from a specific low-resolution image.

Fourier ptychography: current applications and future promises.

This review presents details about a relatively new procedure termed Fourier ptychography (FP), which addresses the above trade-off to produce gigapixel-scale images without requiring any moving parts.

Fast and robust misalignment correction of Fourier ptychographic microscopy

A robust and fast method to correct the two factors of position misalignment of the FPM, termed as misal alignment correction for the FFPM (mcFPM) is proposed, which is much faster than the state-of-the-art methods.

Dither removing Fourier ptychographic microscope based on a two-axis rotation stage

An illuminator based on a two-axis motorized rotation stage was presented to provide a more flexible illuminating way with the goal of meeting different imaging needs of Fourier ptychographic microscopy.

Efficient Synthetic Aperture for Phaseless Fourier Ptychographic Microscopy with Hybrid Coherent and Incoherent Illumination

Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM) is a computational high‐throughput technique for high‐resolution and wide field‐of‐view (FOV) imaging applications such as cell biology, medicine screening, and

Forward imaging neural network with correction of positional misalignment for Fourier ptychographic microscopy.

A forward neural network method with correction of the positional misalignment (FNN-CP) is proposed based on TensorFlow that can achieve the best reconstruction results of the state-of-art FPM methods.

Super-condenser enables labelfree nanoscopy

A labelfree nanoscopy method that combines coherent imaging techniques with waveguide microscopy to realize a super-condenser featuring maximally inclined coherent darkfield illumination with artificially stretched wave vectors due to large refractive indices of the employed Si3N4 waveguide material is presented.

Super-condenser enables labelfree nanoscopy

Labelfree nanoscopy encompasses optical imaging with a resolution in the 100-nm range using visible wavelengths. Here, we present a labelfree nanoscopy method that combines coherent imaging



Self-learning based Fourier ptychographic microscopy.

The effectiveness of the proposed self-learning based FPM is validated with simulation and experimental results showing that the reduction ratio of data size requirements can reach over 70%, without sacrificing image reconstruction quality.

Fourier ptychographic microscopy using wavelength multiplexing

A wavelength multiplexing strategy to speed up the acquisition process of FPM several folds is reported, and the potential of high-speed FPM in spectral domain is explored.

Computational illumination for high-speed in vitro Fourier ptychographic microscopy

A new computational illumination technique that achieves large space-bandwidth-time product, for quantitative phase imaging of unstained live samples in vitro, and an improved algorithm and new initialization scheme, which allow robust phase reconstruction over long time-lapse experiments.

Wide-field, high-resolution Fourier ptychographic microscopy

An imaging method, termed Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM), which iteratively stitches together a number of variably illuminated, low-resolution intensity images in Fourier space to produce a wide-field, high-resolution complex sample image, which can also correct for aberrations and digitally extend a microscope's depth-of-focus beyond the physical limitations of its optics.

Fourier ptychographic microscopy using a generalized Anscombe transform approximation of the mixed Poisson-Gaussian likelihood.

A novel FPM reconstruction method termed generalized Anscombe transform approximation Fourier ptychographic (GATFP) reconstruction, which utilizes the GAT approximation for the noise model, and a maximum likelihood theory is employed for formulating the FPM optimization problem.

Multiplexed coded illumination for Fourier Ptychography with an LED array microscope.

A multiplexed illumination strategy in which multiple randomly selected LEDs are turned on for each image so that the total number of images can be significantly reduced, without sacrificing image quality.

Fourier ptychographic reconstruction using Wirtinger flow optimization.

This paper proposes an iterative optimization framework incorporating phase retrieval and noise relaxation together, to realize FP reconstruction using low SNR images captured under short exposure time and could save ~ 80% exposure time to achieve similar retrieval accuracy compared to the conventional FP.

Digital micromirror device-based laser-illumination Fourier ptychographic microscopy.

A novel approach to Fourier ptychographic microscopy (FPM) by using a digital micromirror device (DMD) and a coherent laser source (532 nm) for generating spatially modulated sample illumination to improve the imaging speed in DMD-based FPM systems.

Incoherent Fourier ptychographic photography using structured light

An incoherent photographic imaging approach, termed Fourier ptychographic photography, that uses nonuniform structured light for super-resolution imaging that may find applications in photographic imaging settings, remote sensing, and imaging radar.