Analysis of Feasibility and Toxicity of Radiotherapy in Centenarians

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nicate with people with dementia (85.4%); most employers will fire a 65-year-old employee with dementia (76.4%); individuals with dementia would not understand other people’s concern or worry (68.5%); individuals with dementia are impulsive and unpredictable (62.9%). These attitudes prevent the Chinese-American general public from encouraging older adults to seek early treatment and hinder public acceptance of individuals with dementia. Discrimination and shame can have a devastating effect on… Expand
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General management of nonagenarian patients: a review of the literature.
Different fields of internal medicine management of nonagenarian patients are reviewed with a special focus on oncology and on comprehensive geriatric assessment as a base for all care decision taking. Expand
Feasibility of radiation therapy in patients 90years of age and older: a French multicentre analysis.
This study shows that RT is feasible for patients aged 90years or more with cancer, and there is no reason to withdraw pts with good general health condition from potentially curative RT, provided that careful attention is paid to factors of toxicity and to geriatric vulnerabilities. Expand
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Radiotherapy for RC in elderly patients appeared safe and manageable, perhaps due to the tailoring of radiotherapy protocols, and resulted in acceptable rate of local tumor control. Expand
Personnes âgées et radiothérapie : une synthèse de la littérature
La presente revue a pour objectif de realiser un tour d’horizon des publications etudiant l’efficacite and the tolerance of the radiotherapie chez le sujet âge (> 70 ans) ou tres âges (> 90 ans). Expand


Older adults are less accurate than younger adults at identifying cardiovascular disease as a cause of dementia in the Chinese American community
Dementia knowledge of elderly Chinese Americans (age ≥ 65 years) with those of younger (age < 65 years), who served as the control, to determine if there is a difference between the younger and older adults in their level of dementia literacy, specifically on causation and treatments. Expand
The effects of exposure to scenarios about dementia on stigma and attitudes toward dementia care in a Chinese community
The findings suggest that community education may play a useful role in alleviating this barrier to early detection and intervention on stigmatizing attitudes towards older people with dementia. Expand
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Mental symptoms, particularly psychotic symptoms, were more stigmatizing than physical symptoms, especially for CA, and belief that depression was like a physical illness did not diminish its stigma. Expand
Treatment of elderly patients with glioblastoma: from clinical evidence to molecular highlights.
Postoperative radiotherapy improves survival without impairing functional status or neurocognitive functions, compared with best supportive care only following resection, and the addition of concomitant temozolomide to RT has not been validated in patients more than 70-years old. Expand
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Apart from the delivery of mental health knowledge, strategies to increase social contact of the public with people having mental illness could be considered in the design and implementation of anti-stigma programmes. Expand
Curative‐Intended Treatment of Squamous Cell Anal Carcinoma in Elderly Adults
Mild chronic hyponatremia is associated with falls, unsteadiness, and attention deficits, and mild chronichyponatremeia in a nursing home population. Expand
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This long-term follow-up retrospective study demonstrated acceptable local control and good outcome in elderly patients treated by exclusive HFRT for early breast cancer, however, large-scale prospective randomised trials are needed to confirm these results. Expand
Using a Chinese Radio Station to Disseminate Dementia Knowledge to Chinese Americans
Weight loss must be viewed as a primary cause of morbidity and mortality, and risk– benefit analysis should occur before counseling elderly adults to lose weight. Expand