Analysis of Electrically Induced Reentrant Circuits in a Sheet of Myocardium

  title={Analysis of Electrically Induced Reentrant Circuits in a Sheet of Myocardium},
  author={Claire K Larson and Lubomir Dragnev and Natalia A. Trayanova},
  journal={Annals of Biomedical Engineering},
Understanding the complex spatiotemporal dynamics of action potential propagation in the heart during arrhythmia is exceedingly difficult. This study applies nonlinear dynamics tools to simplify this task. Using the results of a simulation of an electrical induction of reentry in a sheet of myocardium represented as a bidomain, transmembrane voltage maps are processed to obtain: (i) spatial maps of phase angle and phase singularity trajectories, (ii) state scatter plots, and (iii) spatial maps… CONTINUE READING
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