Analysis of Chinese donors' return behavior.

  title={Analysis of Chinese donors' return behavior.},
  author={N. Guo and Jingxing Wang and Paul M. Ness and Fuzhu Yao and Xiangdong Dong and Xinhong Bi and Heili Mei and Julin Li and Weilan He and Yunlai Lu and Hongli Ma and Xiuqiong Wen and Mei Huang and David G. Wright and Melissa W King and Patrick M. High and Kenrad Nelson and Hua Shan},
  volume={51 3},
BACKGROUND It is important to understand donor return behavior. Converting first-time donors to become repeat donors is essential for maintaining an adequate blood supply. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS Characteristics of 241,552 whole blood (WB) donations from first-time and repeat donors who donated in 2008 at the five blood centers in China were compared. A subset of 54,394 WB donors who donated between January 1 and March 31, 2008, were analyzed for their return behavior in 2008 after the index… CONTINUE READING

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