Analysis of BRAF mutation in primary and metastatic melanoma.

  title={Analysis of BRAF mutation in primary and metastatic melanoma.},
  author={Massimo Libra and Grazia Malaponte and Patrick Michael Navolanic and Pietro Gangemi and Valentina Bevelacqua and Lidia Proietti and Bibiana Bruni and Franca Stivala and Maria Clorinda Mazzarino and Salvatore Travali and James A McCubrey},
  journal={Cell cycle},
  volume={4 10},
Mutation of BRAF has been proposed to contribute to melanoma development. However, it remains unclear whether or not BRAF mutation is associated with any particular stage of melanoma progression. Tumor biopsy specimens from patients with melanoma were analyzed to determine whether the frequency of BRAF mutation in metastatic melanoma differed from primary melanoma. BRAF mutation was present in 15 of 23 (61%) patients with primary melanoma and in 7 of 12 (58%) patients with metastatic melanoma… CONTINUE READING

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