Analysis of Algorithms for Overlapping Resource Access Members in Cloud Computing

  title={Analysis of Algorithms for Overlapping Resource Access Members in Cloud Computing},
  author={A. R. Buchade and Rajesh Ingle},
  journal={Int. J. Netw. Secur.},
In Cloud computing environment, resources include virtual machine, CPU and Storage. These resources are accessed by tenants. Group key may be used to access the resources securely. Group key is constructed using tree by considering tenants in a group. In existing scenario, different key trees are formed even if tenants are common among multiple groups to access the resources. This paper addresses the issues of overlapping tenants that accesses resources. If there are overlapping members in… 

Ternary Tree Based Approach For Accessing the Resources by Overlapping Members in Cloud Computing

Ternary tree based approach is proposed to form the key for overlapping members accessing resources in cloud computing and it is observed that combined ternary key tree outperforms the combined binary key tree approach for group key formation by considering overlapping members.



Key Trees Combining Algorithm for Overlapping Resource Access Members

Through the analysis, it is served that computational overhead is decreased by 22% if the authors combine the key trees than separate key trees for each resource.

Key Management for Cloud Data Storage: Methods and Comparisons

  • A. BuchadeRajesh Ingle
  • Computer Science
    2014 Fourth International Conference on Advanced Computing & Communication Technologies
  • 2014
This paper comparesKey management methods, apply key management methods to various cloud environments and analyze symmetric key cryptography algorithms to protect sensitive information in Cloud.

Hierarchical group access control for secure multicast communications

This work designs an integrated key graph that maintains keying material for all members with different access privileges and incorporates new functionalities that are not present in conventional multicast key management, such as user relocation on the key graph.

Huffman-based join-exit-tree scheme for contributory key management

Reducing rekeying time using an integrated group key agreement scheme

The IGK scheme employs the integrated key graph to remove key redundancies existing in single key trees, and reduces key establishment and rekeying time while providing hierarchical access control.

A Dynamic Secure Group Sharing Framework in Public Cloud Computing

A novel secure group sharing framework for public cloud, which can effectively take advantage of the cloud servers' help but have no sensitive data being exposed to attackers and the cloud provider is proposed.

Efficient group key management for multi-privileged groups

An efficient distributed group key management using hierarchical approach with Diffie-Hellman and Symmetric Algorithm: DHSA

An efficient many-to-many group key management protocol in distributed group communication where, no keys are exchanged between existing members at join, and only one key, the group key, is delivered to remaining members at leave.