Analysis of Aggregated Interference at DTV Receivers in TV Bands

  title={Analysis of Aggregated Interference at DTV Receivers in TV Bands},
  author={Sai Shankar Nandagopalan and Carlos de M. Cordeiro},
  journal={2008 3rd International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks and Communications (CrownCom 2008)},
Several efforts are now underway to develop wireless technologies based on cognitive radios (CR) that can operate in the television (TV) band white space. One such example is the IEEE 802.22 Working Group (WG), which is formulating the first worldwide CR-based standard to operate in the TV bands. A mandatory requirement for any wireless technology operating in these bands is that it shall not cause harmful interfere with the passive TV receivers. In this paper we perform a comprehensive… CONTINUE READING
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