Analysis of 8 X-chromosomal markers in the population of central Croatia

  title={Analysis of 8 X-chromosomal markers in the population of central Croatia},
  author={Branka Gr{\vs}kovi{\'c} and Anastassiya Zidkova and Vlastimil Stenzl and Maja Popovi{\'c} and Dragan Primorac and Gordan Mr{\vs}i{\'c}},
  booktitle={Croatian medical journal},
AIM To analyze 8 X-linked short tandem repeat (STR) markers in the population of central Croatia and to evaluate their forensic efficiency. METHODS We carried out a statistical analysis of the data from previously performed genetic analyses, collected during routine forensic work by the Forensic Science Centre ''Ivan Vučetić.'' Mentype® Argus X-8 PCR amplification kit was used for typing the data of 99 unrelated healthy women and 78 men from central Croatia. Haplotype frequencies were… CONTINUE READING


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