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Analysis of "early" thymidine/inosine protection as an adjunct to methotrexate therapy.

  title={Analysis of "early" thymidine/inosine protection as an adjunct to methotrexate therapy.},
  author={M G Eleff and Pat Franks and Galen L. Wampler and Jerry M. Collins and I. David Goldman},
  journal={Cancer treatment reports},
  volume={69 7-8},
The feasibility of "early" thymidine and inosine protection of methotrexate (MTX) toxicity is evaluated in this paper. This approach is based on the proposition that the most vulnerable period for susceptible host cells to MTX toxicity is an interval following a pulse of MTX when the MTX monoglutamate level is high. In contrast, tumor cells that accumulate active MTX polyglutamyl derivatives are exposed to the cytotoxic effects of MTX, not only when the monoglutamate levels are high, but also… Expand
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