Analysis and measurement of timing jitter induced by radiated EMI noise in automatic test equipment

  title={Analysis and measurement of timing jitter induced by radiated EMI noise in automatic test equipment},
  author={Young-Jun Lee and Thomas Kane and Jong-Jin Lim and Young Jun Schiano and Yong-bin Kim and Fred J. Meyer and Fabrizio Lombardi and Solomon Max},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Instrum. Meas.},
This paper deals with the generation, measurement and modeling of the jitter encountered in the signals of a testhead board for automatic test equipment (ATE). A novel model is proposed for the jitter; this model takes into account the radiated electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise in the head of an ATE. The RMS value of the jitter is measured at the output signal of the testhead board to validate the proposed model. For measuring the RMS value, a novel circuitry has been designed on a… 

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