Analysis and evaluation of real-time and s-domain model of A DC servomotor


Direct Current (DC) servomotors are widely used in robot manipulator applications. Servomotors use feedback controller to control either the speed or the position or both. This paper discusses the modeling of a DC servomotor from gray box condition and performance evaluations of simulation experiment and real time experiment using conventional and hybrid controllers for DC servomotor. The open loop characteristic of a DC servomotor is sampled at 0.01 sec by DAQ based on Simulink platform. The experiment is done for random variations of input. Some controllers are applied to both s-modeled and real DC servomotor. Experiment results show that the DC servomotor coupled with dynamometer connected to signal conditioner and proceeded using computer with 30-point-FIR filter is identified as a third order transfer function. The performance of s-modeled and real DC servomotor are identical and the controllers' performance to both s-modeled and real plant are similar.

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