Analysis and circuit modeling of waveguide-separated absorption charge multiplication-avalanche photodetector (WG-SACM-APD)

  title={Analysis and circuit modeling of waveguide-separated absorption charge multiplication-avalanche photodetector (WG-SACM-APD)},
  author={Y. M. El-Batawy and M. Jamal Deen},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices},
Waveguide photodetectors are considered leading candidates to overcome the bandwidth efficiency tradeoff of conventional photodetectors. In this paper, a theoretical physics-based model of the waveguide separated absorption charge multiplication avalanche photodetector (WG-SACM-APD) is presented. Both time and frequency modeling for this photodetector are developed and simulated results for different thicknesses of the absorption and multiplication layers and for different areas of the… CONTINUE READING


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