Analysis and Synthesis of Computer Systems

  title={Analysis and Synthesis of Computer Systems},
  author={E. Gelenbe and I. Mitrani},
Basic Tools of Probabilistic Modelling The Queue with Server of Walking Type and Its Applications to Computer System Modelling Queueing Network Models Queueing Networks with Multiple Classes of Positive and Negative Customers and Product Form Solution Markov-Modulated Queues Diffusion Approximation Methods for General Queueing Networks Approximate Decomposition and Iterative Techniques for Closed Model Solution Synthesis Problems in Single-Resource Systems: Characterisation and Control of… Expand
Approximate Analysis of Queueing Networks with Markovian Arrival Processes and Phase Type Service Times
Large models with many states can be solved, so large that the state probabilities could neither be stored nor calculated in any computer, depending on the investigated computational eeort. Expand
Stochastic Monotonicity of the Queue Lengths in Closed Queueing Networks
It is shown that increasing the job population will stochastically increase the queue-length vector process, provided that all stations have nondecreasing service rates. Expand
A Recursive Solution of a Queueing Model for a Multi-Terminal System Subject to Breakdowns
A recursive computational approach is taken to solve the steady-state equations concerning the queueing system subject to random breakdowns and some numerical results illustrate the problem in question. Expand
A queueing model for a terminal system subject to breakdowns
The aim is to give a recursive scheme for the solution of the steady-state equations of the queueing system, a model of a terminal system subject to random breakdowns, and some numerical results illustrate the problem in question. Expand
Queueing systems with service interruptions: An approximation model
  • P. Nain
  • Computer Science
  • Perform. Evaluation
  • 1983
Applications to queueing systems with preemptive resume priority and breakdowns are given in this paper as well as numerical results showing the accuracy of the approximation. Expand
Product-Form Synthesis of Queueing Networks
The opposite process of system "synthesis" is dealt with, i.e., the question of what the system topology and parameters should be in order to achieve a given performance objective is answered. Expand
Queues with slowly varying arrival and service processes
A generalisation of the M/G/1 queue where a Markov chain is assumed to vary "slowly", so that analytical results for the stationary distribution of the queue length are derived using an approach based on decomposability. Expand
Performance analysis and optimization of a cyclic-service tandem queueing system with multi-class customers
This paper analyzes a special single-server tandem queueing system with feedback, which appears in call processing for multi-class calls (tasks) in telecommunication systems. Explicit expressions areExpand
Product Form Queueing Networks
  • S. Balsamo
  • Computer Science
  • Performance Evaluation
  • 2000
Queueing network models have been extensively applied to represent and analyze resource sharing systems, such as production, communication and computer systems, and have proved to be a powerful and versatile tool for system performance evaluation and prediction. Expand
Approximations for departure processes and queues in series
Methods are developed for approximately characterizing the departure process from a single-server queue and calculating approximate congestion measures for several single-server queues in series.Expand