Analysis and Simulation of Noise in Nonlinear Electronic Circuits and Systems

  title={Analysis and Simulation of Noise in Nonlinear Electronic Circuits and Systems},
  author={Alper Demir and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli},
1. Introduction. 2. Mathematical Background. 3. Noise Models. 4. Overview of Noise Simulation for Nonlinear Electronic Circuits. 5. Time-Domain Non-Monte Carlo Noise Simulation. 6. Noise in Free Running Oscillators. 7. Behavioral Modeling and Simulation of Phase-Locked Loops. 8. Conclusions and Future Work. References. Index. 
We discuss a pseudo-random Gaussian simulation technique for the prediction of stochastic noise phenomena in electronic circuits like oscillators, mixers and AD converters. Such a technique has to
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  • A. Demir
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 2019
Results on electronic circuit examples show that the computational models implemented in an electronic circuit simulator correctly predict the impact of nonstationary low frequency noise that match experimental measurement data reported in the literature, whereas the legacy noise models produce erroneous results.
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