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Analysis and Probability on Infinite-Dimensional Spaces

  title={Analysis and Probability on Infinite-Dimensional Spaces},
  author={Nathaniel Eldredge},
  journal={arXiv: Probability},
These lecture notes contain an introduction to some of the fundamental ideas and results in analysis and probability on infinite-dimensional spaces, mainly Gaussian measures on Banach spaces. They originated as the notes for a topics course at Cornell University in 2011. 

The Gaussian limit for high-dimensional spherical means

Integration on the Hilbert Cube

The aim of this article is to generalize the Lebesgue integration theory to $\mathbb{R}^{\mathbb{N}}$ within a preliminary measure theory, just as an extension of finite dimensional Lebesgue

Differential Topology of Gaussian Random Fields

Motivated by numerous questions in random geometry, given a smooth manifold $M$, we approach a systematic study of the differential topology of Gaussian Random Fields (GRF) $X:M\to \mathbb{R}^k$,

Evolution of mixed strategies in monotone games

We consider the basic problem of approximating Nash equilibria in noncooperative games. For monotone games, we design continuous time flows which converge in an averaged sense to Nash equilibria. We

Quantum Field Theory and Functional Integrals.

These notes were inspired by the course ''Quantum Field Theory from a Functional Integral Point of View'' given at the University of Zurich in Spring 2017 by Santosh Kandel. We describe Feynman's

Coupling of Brownian motions in Banach spaces

Consider a separable Banach space $ \mathcal{W}$ supporting a non-trivial Gaussian measure $\mu$. The following is an immediate consequence of the theory of Gaussian measure on Banach spaces: there

Diffusion Generative Models in Infinite Dimensions

This work generalizes diffusion models to operate directly in function space by developing the foundational theory for such models in terms of Gaussian measures on Hilbert spaces and developing methods for diffusion generative modeling in Sobolev spaces.

Fundamental Limitations of Control and Filtering in Continuous-Time Systems: An Information-Theoretic Analysis

The traditional information-theoretic methods are lifted to infinite-dimensional spaces and formulate various control and filtering systems uniformly as noisy communication channels and the general trade-offs are computed by resorting to the Stratonovich-Kushner equation.

Variational Inference for Gaussian Process Models with Linear Complexity

A novel variational Gaussian process model that decouples the representation of mean and covariance functions in reproducing kernel Hilbert space is proposed and it is shown that this new parametrization generalizes previous models and makes the adoption of large-scale expressiveGaussian process models possible.



Analysis on Wiener Space and Applications

The aim of this book is to give a rigorous introduction for the graduate students to Analysis on Wiener space, a subject which has grown up very quickly these recent years under the new impulse of

Gaussian Measures in Banach Spaces

Gaussian measures in Banach spaces.- Equivalence and orthogonality of Gaussian measures.- Some results about abstract Wiener space.

The Malliavin Calculus and Related Topics

Analysis on the Wiener space.- Regularity of probability laws.- Anticipating stochastic calculus.- Transformations of the Wiener measure.- Fractional Brownian motion.- Malliavin Calculus in finance.-

On seminorms and probabilities, and abstract Wiener spaces

In real Hilbert space H there is a finitely additive measure n on the ring of sets defined by finitely many linear conditions, which is analogous to the normal distribution in the finite-dimensional

A hereditarily indecomposable L_\infty-space that solves the scalar-plus-compact problem

We construct a hereditarily indecomposable Banach space with dual isomorphic to $\ell_1$. Every bounded linear operator on this space has the form $\lambda I+K$ with $\lambda$ a scalar and $K$

A hereditarily indecomposable $ {\mathcal{L}_{\infty}} $-space that solves the scalar-plus-compact problem

We construct a hereditarily indecomposable Banach space with dual space isomorphic to ℓ1. Every bounded linear operator on this space is expressible as λI + K, with λ a scalar and K compact.


extends in a well known way to a measure v on the Borel sets of L, which is independent of the choice of basis yt,---,y„ used in constructing it and depends only on the mapping F. Every probability

Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities

After Poincare inequalities, logarithmic Sobolev inequalities are amongst the most studied functional inequalities for semigroups. They contain much more information than Poincare inequalities, and

Brownian Motion and Stochastic Calculus

1 Preliminaries of Measure Theory De…nition 1 F P ( ) is said to be an algebra if (1) 2 F (2) A;B 2 F implies A S B 2 F (3) A 2 F implies AC 2 F . F is said to be a semialgebra or semi-ring is (1) ;?

Classical Descriptive Set Theory

The classical descriptive set theory is universally compatible with any devices to read and is available in the book collection an online access to it is set as public so you can download it instantly.