Analysis and Compensation of Numerical Dispersion in the FDTD Method for Layered , Anisotropic Media

  title={Analysis and Compensation of Numerical Dispersion in the FDTD Method for Layered , Anisotropic Media},
  author={Christopher D. Q. Moss and Fernando L. Teixeira and J. A. Kong},
In this work, we investigate the effects of numerical dispersion in the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) algorithm for layered, anisotropic media. We first derive numerical dispersion relations for diagonally anisotropic media (corresponding to an FDTD reference frame coinciding with the principal axes of a biaxial media). In addition, we incorporate the discretization effects on the reflection and transmission coefficients in layered media. We then apply this analysis to minimize the… CONTINUE READING
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