Analysis and Comparison of different types of Thermal Energy Storage Systems: A Review

  title={Analysis and Comparison of different types of Thermal Energy Storage Systems: A Review},
  author={P. M. Diaz},
  • P. Diaz
  • Published 26 February 2016
  • Engineering
Emissions of harmful gases by various domains have become an issue of concern in many countries. CO2 is one such harmful gas which requires a serious attention. It can cause hazardous effects on the environment if left unchecked. There are various measures which are carried out recently in order to slash these emissions. Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency are the two areas which are of interest to the researchers in tackling these problems. Here, in this paper the emphasis is on… Expand
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New construction methodology-geothermal cogeneration plant efficiency improvements for environmental and economic sustainability using waste heat recovery system
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Electrical Energy Storage Technologies and the Application Potential in Power System Operation: A Mini Review
  • P. Diaz, H. El-Khozondar
  • Environmental Science
  • 2019 IEEE 7th Palestinian International Conference on Electrical and Computer Engineering (PICECE)
  • 2019
Penetration of renewable resources increases the global demand for high-efficient Energy Storage Technology (EST) that deals with reduction in the emission of green-house gases causing environmentalExpand
Thermal performance of (organic and inorganic) multi PCM Encapsulated systems
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Corrosion Effect of Phase Change Materials in Solar Thermal Energy Storage Application
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Development of form stable phase change material for solar water heater
  • G. Yu
  • Materials Science
  • 2018
Demand for solar water heater is increasing due to their low cost, easy fabrication and maintenance. It can also reduce the emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Phase change material (PCM)Expand
Recent Advances in Membrane-Based Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation: A Review
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