Analysis and Comparison of a Coplanar Waveguide and Micro Strip based Rectenna


ISSN 2277 5080 | © 2012 Bonfring Abstract--In this paper, a modified form of rectenna has been designed for wireless power transmission. Generally, rectenna is nothing but a rectifying antenna which is very much useful for converting RF power into usable DC power. The word ‘rectenna’ was first introduced by W.C.Brown. Even though there is an enormous application of rectenna, wireless transmission of power is taken into consideration. The necessity of the research lies in the present day trend of power hungry mobile gadgets dying soon and requires frequent charging. Here, the analysis of rectenna with different transmission lines such as micro strip line (MLIN) and coplanar wave guide (CPW) has been made. The performance of rectenna using different transmission lines has been discussed based on factors such as power and voltage. In the analysis it was found that the power conversion efficiency of rectenna based on micro strip line is 65.5% whereas coplanar waveguide based has 78.5%. Thus rectenna with coplanar waveguide performs well and also more advantageous when compared with MLIN. This new comparative analysis is done in Advanced Design System (ADS) 2009 software from Agilent Technologies. In the design there is no necessity of a low pass filter as the transmission line used is MLIN and CPW. The results are shown as graphs along with the circuit as an ADS realization.

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