Analysing partition: Definition, classification and explanation

  title={Analysing partition: Definition, classification and explanation},
  author={Brendan O’Leary},

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A Curious Case of Exceptionalism: Non-partitionist Approaches to Ethnic Conflict Regulation and the Question of Palestine
For decades, but particularly since the signing of the 1993 Oslo Accords between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization, a consensus encompassing national leaders, international officials,
Partitioned identities? Everyday national distinctions in Northern Ireland and the Irish state
How does political structure affect ethno-national distinction? Partitioned societies are a good test case where we can see the effects of changed socio-political circumstances on historically
From Empires to Ethno-National Conflicts: A framework for studying 'divided cities' in 'contested states' - Part I
This paper begins to establish the category of ‘ethno-nationally divided cities’ by differentiating it from other similar categories with which it is sometimes confused. To create a coherent basis
For the Long-Run: Avoiding the Temptations of the Status Quo, Rancour, and Self-Pity
Abstract This article updates the author's article which opens this issue, and responds to the other contributions. Composed over the winter of 2011–2012, the opening paper was commissioned for a
The transformation of the Irish border
Homelands and Nationalism
Abstract Homelands are an integral component of nationalism. This recognition notwithstanding, the lines nationalism draws on the globe have received much less systematic attention than the lines
Promoting Democracy in Ethnically Divided Societies: The Benefits of Combining Partition and Power-Sharing
Recent conflict resolutions have attempted to explain the best route ofresolving ethnic conflicts within divided societies. This research attempts to engage in the recent debate surrounding conflict
Must Pluri-national Federations Fail?
This article questions the widely held assumption that pluri-national federations are likely to break down or break apart. It shows that the case against pluri-national federalism needs to be
Self-Determination After Kosovo
This article discusses the meaning of self-determination in its historical and contemporary contexts and examines the different options available for the accommodation of contested self-determination


Secularists, subalterns and the stigma of 'communalism': Partition historiography revisited
Scholarship on the partition of India has produced more conflicting arguments than can be synthesised neatly to provide a definitive view of this watershed event in South Asian history. Apart from
Partition as a Solution to Ethnic War: An Empirical Critique of the Theoretical Literature
Theorists of ethnic conflict have argued that the physical separation of warring ethnic groups may be the only possible solution to civil war. They argue that without territorial partition and, if
When All Else Fails: Ethnic Population Transfers and Partitions in the Twentieth Century
~ U n t i l recently, there has been a near consensus among policymakers and scholars that the objective of ethnic conflict management should be to support and preserve integrated, multiethnic
Divide and quit : an eye-witness account of the partition of India
This is classic first-hand account one of the most cataclysmic events of the century, the Partition of India. The author, a member of the ICS posted at Bahawalpur, offers an analysis of the
Bosnia after Dayton : nationalist partition and international intervention
Since 1996, Bosnia & Herzegovina has been the site of a remarkable project of political engineering. A complex consortium of international agencies backed by Western governments have been
How Do Peaceful Secessions Happen?
  • R. Young
  • Political Science
    Canadian Journal of Political Science
  • 1994
Abstract This study is a comparative survey of the political processes through which peaceful secession has taken place. The main focus is upon Singapore-Malaysia, Austria-Hungary and Norway-Sweden,
A Dictionary of Political Thought
Containing 1700 entries, this dictionary covers every aspect of political thought, defining concepts and ideologies, surveying the arguments on issues, giving capsule histories of political
Possible and Impossible Solutions to Ethnic Civil Wars
Ethnic civil wars are burning in Bosnia, Croatia, Rwanda, Burundi, Angola, Sudan, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Chechnya, Tajikistan, Kashmir, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka, and are threatening to break out
Explaining Northern Ireland: Broken Images
Acknowledgements.Introduction: Explanations and Images. Part I: External Explanations:1. Nationalist Discourses. 2. Green Political Economy. 3. Unionist Discourses. 4. Revisionist Marxism.Part II:
How thick is blood? The plot thickens . . .: if ethnic actors are primordialists, what remains of the circumstantialist / primordialist controversy?
An investigation of the cognitive models underlying ethnic actors' own ideas concerning the acquisition/transmission of an ethnic status is necessary in order to resolve the outstanding differences