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Analysing Workflow Protocols : The “ Variable Transparency Image Stacker ” and DATARCH

  title={Analysing Workflow Protocols : The “ Variable Transparency Image Stacker ” and DATARCH},
  author={Francesca Cantone},
The main aim of this study is to investigate the possibility of managing archaeological data in a shared 3D environment. As already published by our research group, study and analysis of workflow protocols are the basis for the development of software able to support and improve archaeological data management, by introducing new methods and tools to analyze archaeological excavations (e.g. the DATARCH “Variable Transparency Image Stacker”). The progress of Web 2.0 and shared technologies makes… 

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Shared Technologies in archeologia: nuove prospettive di gestione e condivisione di dati in rete

The paper addresses the possibility to realize and make available on Internet a free tool to build an archaeological data community, with free access, validation, etc., to share data making the most of free text-based standards: XML, X3D, etc.

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