Analysing Semi-Structured Interviews Using Thematic Analysis: Exploring Voluntary Civic Participation Among Adults

  title={Analysing Semi-Structured Interviews Using Thematic Analysis: Exploring Voluntary Civic Participation Among Adults},
  author={Ceryn Evans and Jamie Lewis},
This exemplar highlights some of the key points for consideration when conducting thematic analysis on semi-structured interview data. The data exemplar is provided by Dr Ceryn Evans, from the Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD), Cardiff University, who was funded by the United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to explore civic participation amongst adults in Wales. Thematic analysis was carried out with the aim of exploring the social… 
Me-thinking: report on a pilot intervention with women in custody
  • Isabel GóisE. Kane
  • Psychology
    Therapeutic Communities: The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities
  • 2022
Purpose This pilot study aims to assess the feasibility of conducting shared philosophical inquiry with women at risk of re-offending to improve motivation to change. The philosophy sessions aimed
Talking to imagined citizens? Information sharing practices and proxies for e-participation in hyperlocal democratic settings
The practice-based approach is deployed to explore the means by which hyperlocal representatives in Scotland handle their information sharing role and address their relationship with their online ‘lurker’ audiences, and introduces the concept of information sharing by proxy.
Approaches , Sampling Strategy , Sample Size , Interview Method , Saturation , and Data Analysis
Justifying the adoption of the qualitative research method to satisfy the examiners (for thesis) and reviewers (for journal articles) is a challenging task for researchers in business, management,
Experiences of registered nurse prescribers; a qualitative study
The addition of registered nurse prescribing provides a number of advantages to individual nurses in terms of career development and job satisfaction, and to patients and the health care system by enabling more accessible and cost-effective care.
A new decade for social changes
. The purpose of the study was to investigate teachers’ job satisfaction in secondary schools of East Darfur state in Sudan. The sources of data for this research remained secondary school teachers
The participatory development of a national core set of person-centred diabetes outcome constructs for use in routine diabetes care across healthcare sectors
It is found that patient-reported outcome (PRO) constructs and clinical indicators are needed in core diabetes outcome sets to evaluate outcomes of diabetes care which reflect key needs and priorities of people with diabetes.
The Influence of Ethnic Media Online on Vietnamese American Immigrant Voting Patterns
Several studies have found that Vietnamese Americans display Republican voting patterns in U.S. elections compared to Democratic voting patterns found in other Asian American ethnic groups. The
The French period in the history of environmental colour design
Until now, there has been little research in the vast, diverse literature on environmental colour design that is devoted to the important French period as a comprehensive artistic phenomenon.


Patients' perceptions of seclusion: a qualitative investigation.
Five major themes emerged: use of seclusion, emotional impact, sensory deprivation, maintaining control and staff-patient interaction, and the prevailing negativity towards seclusion underscores the need for ongoing critical review of its use.
`Making Up' the Middle-Class Child: Families, Activities and Class Dispositions
In this article we draw on data collected from a recent qualitative project to highlight the enthusiasm of middle-class parents for enrolling their under fives in `enrichment' activities
‘Strangers in Paradise’?
This article draws on case studies of nine working-class students at Southern, an elite university. 1 It attempts to understand the complexities of identities in flux through Bourdieu’s notions of
White middle‐class parents, identities, educational choice and the urban comprehensive school: dilemmas, ambivalence and moral ambiguity
At a time when the public sector and state education (in the United Kingdom) is under threat from the encroaching marketisation policy and private finance initiatives, our research reveals white
'Classification' and 'Judgement': Social class and the 'cognitive structures' of choice of Higher Education
The issue of social-class-related patterns of access to Higher Education (HE) has become a matter of public debate in the UK recently, but is on the whole portrayed one-sidedly in terms of issues of
Finding or losing yourself?: working-class relationships to education
Working-class relationships to education have always been deeply problematic and emotionally charged, inscribing academic failure rather than success. In this paper I briefly explore both the history
Research and research methods for youth practitioners
Rigorous research is crucial to effective work with young people and increasingly youth practitioners need to be able to develop, review and evidence their work using a variety of research and
Using thematic analysis in psychology
Thematic analysis is a poorly demarcated, rarely acknowledged, yet widely used qualitative analytic method within psychology. In this paper, we argue that it offers an accessible and theoretically
Asking questions : Interviews and evaluations
  • , Research and research methods for youth practitioners
  • 2012