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Analysing Multiple Versions of an Ontology: A Study of the NCI Thesaurus

  title={Analysing Multiple Versions of an Ontology: A Study of the NCI Thesaurus},
  author={Rafael S Gonçalves and B. Parsia and U. Sattler},
  booktitle={Description Logics},
  • Rafael S Gonçalves, B. Parsia, U. Sattler
  • Published in Description Logics 2011
  • Computer Science
  • The detection of changes between OWL ontologies is an important service for ontology engineering. There are several approaches to this problem, both syntactic and semantic. A purely syntactic analysis of changes is insufficient to detect changes with logical effect, while the current state of the art in semantic diffing ignores logically ineffectual changes, which might be of great interest to the user. We develop an exhaustive categorisation of ineffectual changes, based on their… CONTINUE READING
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