Analyses of ultraviolet-induced focus formation of hREV1 protein.

  title={Analyses of ultraviolet-induced focus formation of hREV1 protein.},
  author={Yoshiki Murakumo and Sachie Mizutani and Mariko Yamaguchi and Masatoshi Ichihara and Masahide Takahashi},
  journal={Genes to cells : devoted to molecular & cellular mechanisms},
  volume={11 3},
Translesional DNA synthesis (TLS) is one of the DNA damage tolerance mechanisms that allow cells with DNA damage to continue DNA replication. Each of the mammalian Y-family DNA polymerases (Pol eta, Pol iota, Pol kappa, and REV1) has been shown to carry out TLS by itself or in combination with another enzyme in vitro. Recently, the C-terminal region of mammalian REV1 (the total 1251 residues in human) was found to interact with Pol eta, Pol iota, and Pol kappa, as well as with the REV7 subunit… CONTINUE READING

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